Participating First Nations

There are seven in the Fort Frances Tribal Area that have chosen to exercise their Inherent Right (Constitution Act 1982, S.35), and are applying such Right to Education under the Indian Act, S.114-122. They are:

  • Naicatchewenin
  • Rainy River First Nation
  • Stanjikoming
  • Lac La Croix
  • Seine River
  • Nigigoonsiminikaaning
  • Anishnaabeg of Naongashiing

Since 1995, the Fort Frances Chiefs Secretariat and the Fort Frances Negotiating Team has been working on the Education Jurisdiction Transfer Initiative with the Participating First Nation’s Leadership and Canada. Documents produced since the genesis of this Initiative are the Frame Work Agreement, Agreement in Principle (A.I.P.) and eight (8) Rolling Drafts of the Final Agreement; all of which are available to the memberships of the Eight Participating First Nations. Upon reaching a Final Agreement, all Seven Participating First Nations will be required to vote through a Ratification Process on the acceptance of the Final Agreement.

Should the Final Agreement be accepted, the Seven Participating First Nations will then be extracted from S. 114-122 of the Indian Act while financial obligation remains held with Canada.

Fort Frances Chiefs Secretariat Member First Nations