How Will Education Change?

If the Final Agreement is signed and ratified, and the Government of Canada legislates it into the law of Canada, a Central Education Office (CEO) will be created. Its function will be two-fold:

  1. To serve as a flow-through for education dollars, and
  2. To provide, through contracts, second-level (ancillary) services to the First Nations (for instance, speech pathologists, teachers assistants, psychological assessments).

Through representation in the CEO, the participating First Nations will have the ability to make virtually any changes to the system of education that will benefit students. 

This has the potential to include,
as examples:

  • a separate school board
  • on-reserve schools or facilities
  • a culturally-focused¬†curriculum
  • Ojibwe immersion programs
  • collaborative program¬†development with the local school boards

As well, post secondary education support programs for First Nations students will continue to be run by the participating First Nations.

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